Jawbox - My Scrapbook of Fatal Accidents / by Rollie Agado


When I'm not feeling particularly well on the inside... I know I can always count on a couple of albums to sorta match my mood.

Jawbox's album, My Scrapbook of Fatal Accidents is a collection of compilation songs / outtakes / covers / split single sides / john peel sessions.   

The track listing is pitch perfect.  The album also contains my favorite Jawbox song - Apollo Amateur
Here are the opening lyrics... 

time to drive out to nowhere special
just to believe you're thinking straight
soothed by the blurred and interstitial
happy to ruminate on hate
slurring the words to half a love song
shamed like the amateur on stage
mouthful of coins for penny candy
dreaming there's nothing more at stake

J. Robbins can do no wrong...  met him once in Detroit, but I'll save that story for the day I talk about his other project - Burning Airlines.

Stand out tracks:

Artist: Jawbox
Album: My Scrapbook of Fatal Accidents
Producer: James Robbins (a.k.a. J. Robbins)
Label: DeSoto Records
Recorded: ?  (compilation recordings/john peel sessions)