Dear Nora - The New Year EP / by Rollie Agado

Selected this album (ep technically) for obvious reasons...  

Purchased my copy of this album at Switched on CD's in Novi, Michigan...  and recalled doing so because it was on Magic Marker and I wanted to impress my friend Heather K. in the Bronx who liked a number of other artists on the same label.

My copy of The New Year

I don't recall the last time I had listened to this album... but had it on while getting groceries this morning.  

It was recorded on a Cassette 8 Track player so if you're into very lo-fi recordings with female vocals - this might be something you should check out.

The EP itself is pretty short but it has a couple of gems on it...  The song The New Year is stand out track and could see myself digging it out every New Years Day for a proper listen.

Other stand out tracks:

Artist: Dear Nora
Album: The New Year EP
Producer: Katy Davidson
Label: Magic Marker
Recorded: Tascam 8 Track Cassette Recorder in various rooms and basements between the Winters of 2000 and 2001