# 1 Album of 2013, Modern Vampires of the City by Vampire Weekend / by Rollie Agado

In the grand scheme of things...  selecting an album of the year is pretty arbitrary.   I had a pretty good idea of what my top 10 albums were in early November and even knew what order they would roughly be in.

Selections 1 (Modern Vampires of the City) / 2 (Yeezus) / 3 (Pretend to Be Brave) are all relatively even... you can't really fucking measure art.

The biggest deciding factor in how I ranked these albums, was production value.  

A case could be made for Yeezus minimalist approach...  but it's pretty hard to side with that argument when you listen to work done by Vampire Weekend and Ariel Rechtshaid on Modern Vampires of the City.

A listener can listen to any song and immediately dissect it for influences.  Well, with the exception of Joy Division.  I can listen to Joy Division and have no fucking idea where summoned their sound - I guess it was something inside the head of Martin Harnett

But I digress...  When I listen to Modern Vampires of the City - I hear refractions of sounds and influences on every track.

It's as if they went into the studio to score the soundtrack of their lives.

I've listened to this album in my car - while driving across town at night and it felt appropriate.

 I've listened to this album on a tarmac - waiting for a plane to depart and it felt appropriate.

I'm staring blankly at the screen at 3:56am and look occasionally over to the evening shadows on the wall whilst listing to Don't Lie and it feels appropriate.

Earlier in the year... I sat in the back of my sisters car and kept my niece company in the backseat.  I was in charge of giving her a bottle and company to minimize potential outbursts of baby rage.

On that drive...  the three of us listened to the album and she responded - rhythmically I mean - to the album and the tracks on it with incredible glee.  It was fascinating to see a 10 month old keep time to beat she's never heard.  

That's what this album does.  It finds ways to feel appropriate.

Stand Out Tracks: The Entire Album


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