Learned how to delete a post by accident... Led Zeppelin (Again) / by Rollie Agado

Managed to lose my first post on Squarespace yesterday...   The post was about my recent rediscovery of Led Zeppelin thru SPOTIFY last week.

I'm not going to bother typing it up again... seeing that I didn't really say all that much to begin with and I can sum it up in less that 140 characters.

I own nearly 2000 albums and Led Zeppelin is suspiciously missing from my collection.  I'm very familiar with their library of music...  I discovered them thru dubbed cassette that a cousin provided me when I was 10.  

My favorite Led Zeppelin song : 


Anyhoo...   My friend Matt left a comment, a recommendation to see the documentary - It Might Get Loud.

A documentary, that had Jack White (White Stripes), Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), Edge (U2) sit together, play guitar and then individually explored their "methods".

I caught on DVD a few years ago and recall enjoying quite a bit.  There's one scene in particular where Edge and Jack were sorta noodeling back n' forth... then Jimmy starts feeling out the riff to "Whole Lotta Love"... Both Jack and Edge drop their instruments and see Jimmy do what he does best.   

Here he is - taming the riff.