2013 and Nothing Still Feels Good / by Rollie Agado

Had two rather big surprises this morning...  

  1. Andy Greenwald and Chris Ryan of the Grantland Hollywood Podcast - put out a special TALKING ABOUT EMO podcast this week.
  2. Andy Greenwald is the author of a book I read a number of years ago called NOTHING FEELS GOOD - a book that touched on Punk Rock, Teenagers and "Emo"

I never put the two "Andy Greenwald" together until this morning tho'.  If you're a fan of said genre (ugh... its not a fucking genre) - I highly recommend you check it out.  

My copy of NOTHING FEELS GOOD.  It's one of the few books that I ever recall covering the scene of the late 90's and early 00's. 

Below is a small playlist put together by Andy...  BRAID's Urbana's Too Dark is featured in the middle of the playlist...   Other great tracks to check out by: Sunny Day Real Estate, Mineral, Texas is the Reason, Rites of Spring, The Promise Ring, Ida and Jets to Brazil