/ by Rollie Agado

2012 Top 10 Albums of the Year: #4) John K. Samson - “Provincial

Let me quickly say that this is my favorite album of 2012.  It’s not the best album of 2012…  in my opinion its worthy of being in the Top 10… but this will be a record I will slip on 2, 5 and 10 years from now without any doubt.

Provincial, in many ways is a record that has helped me understand my mid 30’s…  the same way that Four Corner Night helped me understand my early 30’s and  No Code helped me understand my late 20’s.

There’s applicable lyrical content and the album seems to chart out my emotional mapping, like no other record has done in quite some time.

I selected the song “When I write my Master’s Thesis” - because it reminds me a lot of what my friend Chivo is currently doing with his PhD Thesis.  He’s nearing completion of that monumental goal, but I happen to know that it’s killing him on the inside.

"no more citing sources" - John K. Samson

Source: http://open.spotify.com/track/4kCWghhn4VXq...