10 years / by Rollie Agado

Five years ago I typed up a little thing about 9/10/01.

5 years ago today, I woke up and headed out to work like many others around the country. I attended a Built To Spill (scroll to the bottom) show the previous nite and I had plans to catch Jimmy Eat World on September 11th after work with a friend.

When I got in my car and drove up to work I threw in Soul Coughing’s Ruby Vroomand listend to “Is Chicago, Is Not Chicago”… which to this day spooks the hell out of me because the lyrics of the song repeat the lyric -

“A man
drives a plane
into the
Chrysler building”

When I got to work… I sat down at my desk only to be interrupted by a fellow co-worker who said a plane flew into the Sears Tower. I quickly fired up the web browsers and turned on my radio only to find out that World Trade Center Towers in nYc were hit by 2 separate planes.

My inbox quickly began to fill with emails from friends around the states and nYc – confirming their whereabouts.

Minutes after the attack, there were a number of rumors about explosions throughout nYc and planes above the Midwest so work was cut short and I was sent home, like many to sort out what the fuck happened.

Since 9/11, a lot has changed. So much so… that it scares me into an Orwellian tizzy from time to time, but like many of you I manage to get up every morning and try to make the best of it.


Something I’ve never typed up about 9/11/01, is the evening I spent at home talking to my friend Heather in nYc - by phone after getting to know her thru a common yahoo mail group called  the Firewater Circus.  (A group that still exists actually)…

In a lot of ways… its a little weird to share this day as a anniversary of sorts.  Spoke to her very briefly this morning and she thanked me for being a good friend.  I thanked her for being a better one to me and I hope she knows that I mean it.